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precast girder bridges

A new BIM approach for precast girder bridges

According to Gregor Strekelj, product manager at Allplan’s competence centre for infrastructure, BIM is no longer just for buildings, it is becoming more widely used for infrastructure as well.
Visual Scripting

4 practical examples where Visual Scripting helps BIM designers

Xinling Xu, product owner at ALLPLAN, outlines some common situations where Visual Scripting in Allplan can help and what you can do with it.
high-speed rail stations

Building Indonesia’s new high-speed rail stations

Some would say that delivering four new high-speed rail (HSR) train stations in just 36 months is impossible. Yet between Jakarta and Bandung, the engineering and construction teams at PT Wijaya Karya are doing just that.
Bridge construction,

AFRY relies on BIM during bridge construction

The engineers from AFRY Germany decided to use BIM for planning the Altglienicker Bridge in Berlin even though there was no contractual obligation to.
Precast software

Prefabrication is key success factor for new £4.28bn quarter in Vienna

One of the largest urban development projects in Europe relies on precast construction for efficient and sustainable building – ALLPLAN software enabled efficient precast detailing processes.

Lake Zug East: Switzerland’s longest construction site completed

The Lake Zug East infrastructure measures were successfully completed after 20 months of construction – thanks to good planning by Emch+Berger with Allplan.
Bridge construction

Gregor Strekelj: BIM and the revolution in bridge construction

BIMToday talks with Gregor Strekelj, Product Manager Infrastructure at ALLPLAN, who explains the challenges of today’s bridge construction and how BIM helps to overcome them.
design workflow

3 benefits of an integrated design workflow

With software that works together, design workflows can be streamlined for improved productivity, management and collaboration, resulting in better project outcomes.
AEC industry

5 AEC industry trends to watch in 2021

Kevin Lea, SVP product management at ALLPLAN, discusses the most important AEC industry trends for construction professionals in 2021.
allplan bridge, BIM pilot project

Allplan Bridge used in Lower Saxony BIM pilot project

Engineers from Thormahlen + Peuckert successfully adopted the Allplan Bridge solution for modelling a challenging bridge design in Lower Saxony.

How Bimplus is helping to build one of the biggest locks...

Allplan Bimplus is saving time, efficiency and accuracy through collaboration and the sharing of information on the complex New Lock Terneuzen project in the Netherlands.
cloud technology, aec industry, allplan,

Cloud technology as the key to more efficiency in the AEC...

An interview with ALLPLAN’s CEO Detlef Schneider and Senior Vice President Product Management Kevin Lea.
Structural engineering, allplan,

ALLPLAN’s openBIM approach for structural engineering

BIM for structural engineering has typically been hampered by various issues. The lack of an integrated yet flexible design solution for the entire project team leads to inefficient working methods and manual errors. Combined with the trend towards larger projects, greater detail and freeform shapes, it is clear that structural engineering workflows need to adapt to meet all these requirements.
BIM Pilot project, allplan, nport

Helgolandkai: BIM pilot project in port construction

In Wilhelmshaven, a 130-year-old quay is once again writing engineering history as a BIM pilot project.
Bimplus, openbim,

Bimplus: How the openBIM platform improves construction coordination

Ineffective communication, planning and collaboration often result in construction projects that are delivered late, over budget and to inadequate quality standards. To overcome these challenges, the construction industry must find ways of working.

Collaboration is key: How Bimplus helps

Ineffective communication, planning and collaboration often result in construction projects that are delivered late, over budget and to inadequate quality standards. To overcome these challenges, the construction industry must find ways of working that allow them to deliver safe, fit-for-purpose projects faster and with fewer resources.
Bridge design, ALLPLAN, BIM

Innovative BIM for Bridges

With ALLPLAN’s BIM solution for bridges, the bridge community can fulfil BIM requirements efficiently and intuitively: modeling, structural analysis and detailing in one single solution.

ALLPLAN: Europe’s premier supplier of BIM solutions for architects and engineers

ALLPLAN provide BIM solutions; for buildings, bridges and heavy civils for the projects of tomorrow. Why not see how we can help you today?
Tamina Bridge, 3D modelling,

An exciting path across the gorge: The Tamina Bridge in Switzerland

The Tamina Bridge is an impressive structural engineering project which uses the numerous advantages of 3D modelling in the process.
Allplan Bridge 2020, parametric model,

Allplan Bridge 2020 the 4D BIM solution for bridges

Allplan Bridge 2020, the complete solution for parametric modelling, structural analysis and detailing is now available for download.
ALLPLAN 2019, BIM solution,

Latest version of ALLPLAN BIM software receives update

The ALLPLAN 2019 BIM solution for architects and engineers in building and infrastructure was updated recently.
Allplan Bridge, Construction, BIM

Allplan Bridge: Software supports use of BIM in bridge engineering

One year on from its first release, a host of new capabilities have been added to expand Allplan Bridge.
allplan bridge, Allplan Engineering,

Allplan Bridge: Bridge design redefined

Allplan Bridge is the powerful solution for 4D parametric modelling of bridges. The software supports engineers in all planning phases, from the initial concept to the execution plan.

Pocket BIM guide – Part 4: BIMproject guide

In this pocket BIM guide helps to adapt the BIM working method to the project size (little BIM, big BIM).
Allplan 2019

ALLPLAN announces new version of BIM software for architects and engineers

Allplan has announced the release of its new version of BIM software, Allplan 2019, with numerous new features and optimised BIM workflows
Allplan 2018-1

ALLPLAN announces the new BIM solution Allplan 2018-1

Leading European provider of BIM solutions, Allplan, has released its latest version of its market-leading BIM solution Allplan 2018-1 for architects, and structural and civil engineers