Autdodesk announce AGACAD as one of its first AEC industry partners

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AGACAD Ltd, a technology developer for building information modelling and management, has become one of the first Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry Partners of Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk is selecting trusted technology providers to compliment and build on its BIM software and cloud platforms. They are looking to do this to help their customers work more efficiently, deliver better designs and to reduce their overall waste.

The allocation of AEC Industry Partners is part of a strategy for bringing new and transformational technologies into industry workflows.

Autodesk’s Revit, is the world’s leading software platform for BIM.

Michael Gustafson, Autodesk’s Industry Strategy Manager for Structural Engineering commented on the partnership: “As project complexity increases and project teams become more geographically dispersed, structural professionals must collaborate in new, more innovative ways.

“With AGACAD developing solutions on top of Revit, they are enabling our customers to use BIM as an engineering and collaboration platform and not just a modelling and documentation tool.”

Donatas Aksomitas, the CEO of AGACAD said: This is new recognition of the value that AGACAD’s add-on solutions provide – the time, money and stress that they save – for Revit users all over the world by automating much of their work and adding powerful new functionality for specific industries, regions and firms.

AGACAD Precast Concrete Solution 2018

“We look forward to engaging even more with Autodesk to address the ever-evolving real-life needs of BIM professionals.”

The partnership will see the integrations of AGACAD’s Precast Concrete suite to create intricate models of precast walls, floors and columns in Revit as one of the first solutions to be featured under the new arrangement.

The companies are working to consolidate these elements into one package to make Revit the environment of choice for precast work using BIM software.

Michael Gustafson of Autodesk added: “We see partners like AGACAD as being critical to helping our engineering customers deliver BIM-based services in a more productive way.

“We also know that precast detailing and production are highly customized to a precast producer or factory. Partners like AGACAD are able to provide the needed automation and customization for factories to scale up their businesses more quickly.”

Wood framing software is likely to be tackled next by the partnership, in order to automate the design-to-detail process for timber elements, with integrated structural analysis, estimation, documentation, shop deliverables and export to CAD/CAM production.


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