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industrial worker pouring cement or concrete with automatic pump tube

What are the next steps for making longer-lasting concrete?

Alessandro Tengattini, an instrument scientist at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), discusses research aimed at creating longer-life concrete for greener infrastructure.
CarbonCure Control Box at Concrete Plant Control Room

Marshalls to be first UK concrete manufacturer to adopt CarbonCure Technologies

Marshalls plc has committed to becoming the first UK concrete manufacturer to adopt CarbonCure Technologies' carbon mineralisation technology.
cement being poured from a mixer

GCCA and FICEM accelerate cement and concrete decarbonisation in Latin America...

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) and its regional affiliate Federación Interamericana del Cemento (FICEM) announce the next steps to accelerate the decarbonisation of cement and concrete at the Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW 2022).
Wendover Dean Viaduct foundations

HS2 lays first of Wendover Dean Viaduct foundations

An expert team of HS2 ground engineers has started work on Wendover Dean Viaduct foundations, sinking the first of more than 50 carbon-saving concrete piles.
oak hill parkway project

Balfour Beatty joint venture places first bridge widening beams on Texas...

Balfour Beatty, as part of Colorado River Constructors (CRC) joint venture team, successfully set the first bridge beams that support widening activities east of US 290 and SH 71 “Y” interchange in Austin, Texas on the $674m Oak Hill Parkway project.
HS2 updates

HS2 updates designs to use 80% less concrete at Streethay

HS2 updates designs to reduce the length of wall structures for the railway at Streethay from 1.6 kilometres to 420 metres, meaning 80% less concrete will be required.
graphene-enhanced concrete

How can graphene-enhanced concrete help build a sustainable future ?

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, explores how graphene-enhanced concrete can help the construction industry save time and money and become more sustainable
Cement and concrete leaders

Cement and concrete leaders call for government collaboration on net zero...

Cement and concrete leaders at the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s (GCCA) worldwide ‘CEO Gathering’ call for deeper collaboration with governments on net zero targets.
precast detailing

How BIM changes physical outcomes in precast detailing

Precast detailing reinforced with BIM offers transformational advantages and an overall increase in project ROI, explains Bhushan Avsatthi, Hitech CADD Services.
net zero accelerators

The GCCA launch cement and concrete ‘net zero accelerators’

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has announced the launch of a series of net zero accelerators to help the cement and concrete industries decarbonise in line with the GCCA’s 2050 net zero roadmap.
hs2's victoria road

Base slab completed on HS2’s Victoria Road ancillary shaft

SCS JV (Skanska Costain STRABAG joint venture) has made a major step in their work at the Victoria Road Site in Acton, completing the base slab construction of HS2's Victoria Road ancillary shaft.
volumetric mixers ,concrete industry

How can volumetric mixers make the concrete industry more sustainable?

Concrete has shaped much of our built environment, however, it accounts for about 8% of the world's carbon emissions. PBC Today spoke to Brandon Hess, UK country manager at Volumech, about how volumetric mixers can make the concrete industry more sustainable.
Sculpture cement

How collaboration helped make the Hope Sculpture cement free

Mike Mittendorfer, buildings associate at Ramboll, explores the technical challenges encountered during the creation of the Hope Sculpture cement free, and how collaboration was key to solving these issues.
low carbon cements

Low carbon cements to cut CO2 emissions by 4m tonnes

Government-backed research has successfully developed and trialled new low carbon cements which have 60% lower embodied CO2 emissions than Portland Cement.
the russia ukraine conflict, energy crisis

How will the Russia and Ukraine conflict impact the energy crisis?

This past year has seen the inflation of energy and fuel prices soar to some of the highest rates we’ve seen. Now as Russia invades Ukraine, the energy crisis stands to inevitably escalate as more economic sanctions are put in place.
dutch cleantech company

WCA welcomes Dutch cleantech company as associate corporate member

The World Cement Association (WCA) has announced that it is welcoming Dutch cleantech company Aeroborn as an associate corporate member to its international community.
new low carbon concrete

Tarmac trials new low carbon concrete solution with Align

Tarmac has trialled a new innovative low carbon concrete solution with Align, the joint venture delivering the Central 1 (C1) section of HS2 Phase One.
mineral products sales

Mineral products sales saw double-digit growth in 2021

Mineral products sales of aggregates, concrete, asphalt and mortar in Britain have seen a sharp recovery following the pandemic and recorded double-digit growth during 2021.
cement production

Decarbonising cement production with the power of the sun

Philipp Furler and Gianluca Ambrosetti, co-founders and CEOs of Synhelion, explain how solar heat can be used to reduce carbon emissions during cement production.
cement and concrete

Building a net zero future for cement and concrete requires government...

Thomas Guillot, CEO, Global Cement and Concrete Association, explains why it is crucial for the government to increase support for the cement and concrete...
Edmonton EcoPark

Ecocem provides new low carbon concrete for Edmonton EcoPark

Ecocem and Taylor Woodrow have conducted their first pour of Exegy® low carbon concrete at Edmonton EcoPark, North London.
E-Learning platform

Sika expands E-Learning platform to improve trade skills

Sika has expanded its E-Learning platform, which will include on-demand webinars, aimed at giving customers greater insights into a range of practices and products in the waterproofing, roofing and concrete refurbishment sector.
The Hope Sculpture

Post COP26 landmark ‘The Hope Sculpture’ delivers cement-free concrete superstructure

The Hope Sculpture by Steuart Padwick officially launched in Glasgow, with an industry panel discussing how the build’s 75% reduction in CO2 can be used to accelerate the construction sector’s net zero delivery.
luminescent concrete

New luminescent concrete receives ‘glowing’ approval

A new ‘glow-in-the-dark’ luminescent concrete that absorbs energy from ultraviolet rays to generate light has been used to bring a Derbyshire commercial development to life.
cement industry

How the cement industry can drive net zero goals

Conor O’Riain, Managing Director at Ecocem, explores how the construction industry is using sustainability measures to contribute to net zero goals.
main station box

Construction begins on main station box at HS2 Old Oak Common

Work has begun on the 850m-long main station box at HS2’s Old Oak Common station, as concrete frame and substructure specialist, Expanded, started on site.