Tata Steel and BIMobject® sign BIM development agreement


A new BIM development agreement has been signed between Tata Steel and BIMobject® to advance data delivery and provide flexibility for designers

A BIM development agreement has been announced between a major construction product manufacturer and a content management system firm.

BIMobject®, a provider of a cloud-based digital content management system for BIM objects, will work with Tata Steel UK, Europe’s second largest steel producer. The BIM development agreement will bring the two firms together to provide new tools for the advancement of data delivery.

The technology will provide greater flexibility to designers by allowing data to be applied to products across the virtual construction world. It can then be used for a number of purposes within the built environment.

The growing popularity of BIM, as well as the government’s push to ensure the industry moves towards utilising the technology, means there is certainly a growing need for accurate and relevant data to be provided for construction product manufacturers.

It is hoped this agreement will not only lead the way for innovation in data delivery, but will also encourage other manufacturers to invest in the digital transformation in construction.

Delivering high quality products through high quality data

Alex Small, BIM manager at Tata Steel said: “With the UK Government, and many private companies, now asking for BIM level 2, Tata Steel needs to ensure that it is able to deliver not just high quality products, but the data, technology and services that are required to accompany them.

“The move towards BIM level 3, functional building efficiency and the ‘Internet of Things’ will all require new ways for Tata Steel to work with its customers and supply chain.

“There is no doubt that the company will need to work ever more closely with specifiers in the future; and will therefore need to have digital tools that enable product information to be available in the formats they require.

BIM has a major role to play in construction

Stefan Larsson, Founder and CEO of BIMobject® commented, stating: “BIMobject® is leading the way in delivering product data and is delighted to be working with Tata Steel to deliver these necessary tools.

“As BIM moves into an increasingly data rich environment it becomes even more important for construction product manufacturers to be sure they are providing accurate data and with the flexibility to adjust this as industry needs change.

“BIMobject® Open Property Cloud (BOPC) already offers architects, designers, and manufacturers, great flexibility in the management and provision of object data.

“The vision at Tata Steel, to better service its customers and to integrate existing Product Information Systems with BIM, strongly aligns with the BIMobject® vision and the company is delighted to be partnering with Tata Steel in the development and deployment of these new advanced technologies.”


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