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How a ‘tech-savvy’ approach saves the construction industry

Sean Keyes, managing director at Sutcliffe’s explains how a ‘tech-savvy business approach’ has led the way in the construction industry during the Covid-pandemic.
Smart buildings, data overload, information overload

Smart buildings and dealing with data overload

George Adams, director of energy and engineering at SPIE UK, looks at how to overcome information overload and extract genuine value from smart buildings.
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Is the manufacturing sector still scared of BIM?

Some manufacturers may still be wary of BIM. “Should  companies embrace it or risk being left behind?” asks Nick Johns, Head of Digital Manufacturing for Graitec.
ISO 19650 series, PAS 1192 series,

The legal section: UK Guidance Framework for ISO 19650

May Winfield, Simon Lewis and Andrew Croft explore aspects of the legal section of the UK Guidance Framework for ISO 19650.
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Exploring the future of building information modelling

Glyn Shawcross, engineering and design director of engineering solutions provider Boulting Ltd explains how future advances in BIM will continue to enhance control for contractors and clients.
landscape design

Digital futures: BIM in landscape design

Mike Shilton Chair of the Landscape Institute Digital Practice Group explains how the digital twin concept is being applied in landscape design
BIM Implementation

BIM implementation in the UK: Elimination of the Final Problem

Bhushan Avsatthi, Associate Director at Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP, delves into the current BIM implementation across the UK and the struggles the industry continues to face when executing BIM level 2
BIM4SME Awards

McAvoy wins RICS BIM4SME Award

The McAvoy Group has won a major industry award for its commitment to adopting and implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) in its offsite construction projects
3D modelling

Experts in Highway Design and 3D modelling

Are you struggling to get a 3D model produced for your designs? Do you only have 2D drawings and wish you had a 3D...
BIM Object Assurance

Some good news for architects, specifiers and maintenance people everywhere…

Ensuring specifications for BIM objects match the reality is crucial for accurate modelling and achieving the best building performance. Introducing BIM Object Assurance by the BBA
Digital Built Britain

Digital Built Britain – a technology-led future for the built environment

Digital Built Britain sets out the future of the construction industry, but how do we realise it? Ben Malone of BIM. Technologies says we all need ownership
UK Construction Week & BIM prospects theatre

BRE to host BIM Prospects Theatre at UK Construction Week

BRE will be returning to UK Construction Week in October 2017 to host its popular BIM Prospects Theatre and the BIM Prospects annual awards ceremony
BIM Level 3 - help

On the road to BIM Level 3 we must not overlook...

In the drive to adopt BIM Level 2, John Eynon, Owner/Director of Open Water Consulting, argues that we should all be helping each other I...
Digital Engineering

BIM – is it time to change the conversation to Digital...

Carl Collins, CIBSE Digital Engineering Consultant, argues that BIM as a term has served its purpose and we should now be using Digital Engineering
BIM challenges still remain despite transforming the construction sector

BIM challenges still remain despite transforming the construction sector

The FIEC has warned of the many BIM challenges in place and calls for more to be done to support the transition into digital construction
BIM Level 3 – fact or fantasy?

BIM Level 3 – fact or fantasy?

BIM Level 3 is a laudible aim, but how do we progress there from BIM Level 2? Man and Machine outline how this should happen
BIM show live

BIM Show Live reveals two new keynote speakers for its line...

Mark Shayler and Nell Watson have joined the BIM Show Live 2017 programme as keynote speakers for the event

How to provide product data that clients cannot resist

Here, coBuilder provide a six step action plan to ensure firms provide product data that is useful and efficient for clients
The UK BIM Alliance for Digital transformation

The UK BIM Alliance – time for digital transformation

The UK BIM Alliance will help, encourage & support industry to adopt BIM Level 2 & provide the digital transformation that is required.
bim development

Tata Steel and BIMobject® sign BIM development agreement

A new BIM development agreement has been signed between Tata Steel and BIMobject® to advance data delivery
BIM Level 3

BIM Level 3 & Beyond

The BIM Level 3 & Beyond | Moving Forward After Level 2 event held on 29th June 2016 at the University of Manchester proved...

ICE BIM 2016: Looking to the future

2016 is the year industry takes over BIM, and ICE are delighted to welcome industry leaders to their sixth ICE BIM conference on 19...

BIM: Integrating Environmental Intelligence at Landmark

Next month sees the arrival of the deadline for the mandated adoption of BIM Level 2 for all centrally procured projects. I read a great statement from RICS, which I felt really summed up just what BIM Level 2 represents

BIM Today August 2015

Welcome to the Summer 2015 edition of BIM Today. The UK’s Digital Built Britain Strategy sets out what will essentially be Level 3 BIM –...

BIM Today February 2015

Welcome to the February 2015 issue of BIM Today. This is an exciting time in the BIM world. The NBS BIM Toolkit is on track...

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