Case study: Bregenz Festival stage Rigoletto


SCIA Engineer assists the design and engineering of the “head with a boom” structure for the Bregenz Festival in Austria

A “head with a boom” represents the central scene of the open-air stage designed for the “Rigoletto” opera presented during the Bregenz Festival in Austria.

The construction is placed on a turntable with a diameter of 2.80 m. The turning range of the revolving stage is 114°. The stage rotates on a slewing bearing. The revolving stage and the boom provide access to the head. The boom is arranged centrically on the mast of the revolving platform and can be lowered by 24° or raised by 15°. During the performance, the head can be tilted 32° up and down, turned 60° to both sides and the singers can move on four stage levels inside the head.

All movements can be carried out independently of each other and all components are walkable. The rotation of the stage components is powered by servomotors. The boom is raised and lowered using a hydraulic cylinder. The two eyes in the head are also movable (eyeball diameter is 2.70 m).

Dimensions of the components:

  • Boom – length 34.7 m – height 2.5 m
  • Head – width 11.3 m – height 13.5 m
  • Total weight approx. 140 t.

Construction End Date: Jun-2019

Software: SCIA Engineer

Country: Austria

“Analysis of different positions of the revolving head. Rendering of the face of the skin. Geometrical representation of the model is very close to the real shape of the head.”

This project is the winner of the SCIA User Contest 2020 – Category 4, Special Projects.


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