Bricsys collaborates with VREX to accelerate virtual reality workflow


Bricsys is collaborating with VREX to improve its virtual reality workflow, allowing users to create detailed models in BricsCAD BIM 

The enhanced virtual reality workflow enables AECO companies to streamline collaboration between the multiple stakeholders working together on a project in a VR environment – reducing the potential for errors and miscommunication and helping unlock valuable insights in real-time.

The BricsCAD BIM solution leverages OpenBIM and certified IFC workflows, making it easy for Vrex subscribers to virtually meet inside the model, perform visual inspections and exchange buildings and project data in a compliant manner from any location.

Easy to use, both platforms support the exchange of BIM Collaboration Format issues via interface services such as BIM Track, BIMsync and BIMcollab to allow easy communication of issues emerging during the virtual meeting to be resolved within BricsCAD BIM.

Rahul Kejriwal, CEO of Bricsys, says: “BricsCAD BIM equips Vrex users with an AI-powered design tool supporting flexible workflows, and feature-rich tools that have an IFC-first approach, paving the way for successful projects and better products.

“This partnership is another exciting step in our mission of providing industry-leading software solutions as the construction sector continues to digitize.”

‘Another step towards the global BIM integration’

Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of VREX says: “Vrex integrating with BricsCAD is another step towards the global BIM integration we want to achieve.

“With Vrex-BricsCAD anyone, regardless of their experience level, can step into the 3D model and understand them instantly.

“It allows for crystal clear communication across teams and seamless collaboration in a virtual reality environment.”


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