BSI launches BIM verification scheme


BSI has launched a new verification scheme to help contractors discern which firms are capable of delivering projects using BIM technology…

Building information modelling (BIM) has become a significant part of the construction process, saving time and money. Recognising the value of the technology, the government ordered all public sector building and infrastructure projects must meet Level 2 BIM compliance from next year.

In a bid to easily identify which firms are capable of using BIM practices, BSI has launched a new verification scheme for PAS 1192-2—the specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using BIM.

The scheme will provide contractors and the supply chain with evidence of the firms able to use BIM. In order to become verified contractors must demonstrate their ability to meet and adhere to the requirements of the PAS 1192-2 standard. This will be determined through onsite audits, during which time BSI will assess the documented procedures for all processes in PAS 1192-2. Additionally, the competency of staff will be examined, as well as the documented complaints procedure. A new BSI Kitemark™ for BIM Design and Construction will also be developed.

The first two companies to be independently assessed and achieve verification are BAM Construct UK Ltd and Skanska UK.

BAM Construct UK Ltd’s UK Business Systems and Quality Manager Colin Pryor said: “We’re delighted to have received verification to PAS 1192-2 by BSI. BIM is a major driver influencing the direction of the construction industry both in the UK and abroad and we’re pleased that we’ve been able to work with BSI during the development of this scheme.

“In addition, with the UK government requiring all centrally procured government contracts to be compliant with BIM Level 2 by 2016, this verification will provide assurance to those within our supply chain that we are capable of delivering projects using BIM.”

David Throssell, BIM & Digital Engineering Operations Manager, Skanska UK also commented, stating: “We’re very pleased to be one of the first companies to be verified by BSI to PAS 1192-2.

“This allows us to demonstrate to our customers and supply chain that we have the capability to deliver projects using BIM.

“We’ve worked closely with BSI to ensure that the verification scheme adds value and addresses the key challenges that the construction industry faces around BIM.”

BSI’s Global Head of Construction, Product Certification Andy Butterfield said the two companies should proud of being the first to receive verification, adding: “This verification scheme will be of huge benefit to construction companies involved in public sector projects as well as those companies within the construction supply chain including private sector building, civil, infrastructure, refurbishment and new-build projects both in the UK and abroad.

“The new schemes have been developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders to ensure that they add value and address the key issues which will help the construction industry with BIM implementation.”

BSI will offer training courses aimed at giving a detailed understanding of the key drivers, requirements, and strategic alignments needed to deliver BIM; an overview of processes and procedures; and will show how to effectively manage information across all stages of construction projects.

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