dRofus client case study: Kingaroy Hospital, Queensland

kingaroy hospital

Collaboration, validation and documentation benefits for architect, client and other stakeholders on recent healthcare project at Kingaroy Hospital in Queensland – insights from dRofus client Conrad Gargett

  • Client: Kingaroy Hospital, Kingaroy Queensland
  • Project value: $93m
  • Project size: 66 Beds (9000m2)
  • Type: Health
  • dRofus client: Conrad Gargett
  • Project client: Queensland Health, Darling Downs Health

Conrad Gargett is a multidisciplinary architecture and design practice based in Australia and has over 150 employees.

The firm had previously been introduced to dRofus on a hospital project in NSW. In that case, Conrad Gargett was accessing the dRofus software as a designated key stakeholder (database user but not owner).

Key benefits in terms collaboration, validation and documentation on that project as viewed by a contributor led Conrad Gargett to the decision to engage dRofus directly on the Kingaroy Hospital as the project database owner.

We recently spoke to Michael Klug and Loc Tran from Conrad Gargett to get some general insights and feedback on their experience of using dRofus on the Kingaroy Hospital project and prospects for using dRofus going forward.kingaroy hospital

Michael gave insight into what drove the decision to deploy the software on Kingaroy Hospital stating: “dRofus allowed for the accurate tracking and management of areas, stakeholder feedback, changes, FFE management and assurance throughout the design and construction stages of a complex, multi-staged health project. This process streamlined the main bulk of work for the team with asset- tracking and procurement all the way through construction.”

A building database for all key stakeholders

A key brief for dRofus on Kingaroy Hospital was to provide a building database for all key stakeholders. To that end, the client – Darling Downs Health – accessed and utilised dRofus reporting and validation functions. Arup, the engineering services provider, managed key mechanical, electrical and hydraulic data within the one common dRofus database environment.

As Loc explained: “Conrad Gargett has found great value in the capacity to align a dRofus project methodology and a documentation methodology to quickly define and deliver accurately scoped documents. In addition to this, dRofus’ tracking capacity allows an understanding of why each change has been made through long, complex project lifecycles, ensuring our designs are fully validated against client and user expectations from briefing to delivery when questions are raised years down the track. It encourages a collaborative BIM environments and documentation.”

kingaroy hospitalAs far as the future is concerned, we asked Michael to share some of the ways Conrad Gargett conveys the benefit of dRofus when bidding to new clients, and he said: “When we explain to new clients the software, they love the idea of being able to ensure that the documents we provide are fully validated with the design and it gives procurement confidence in our schedules. When we pair these with accurate sizing of equipment, our clients know that the quantities procured are tailored to their design. Moving forward on new projects, Conrad Gargett has also paired dRofus with its Kit of Parts methodology to easily standardise components throughout an array of large and small health projects to streamline FFE, documentation and the construction process.”

In summary, Michael Klug stated: “dRofus has been integral to every recent health project within the company and its implementation in education and defence projects is being explored. With every project that it is used on, our refinement of project plans, BIM strategies and deployment are developed more and more.”

As the project developed, Conrad Gargett was able to demonstrate further workflow improvements in utilising dRofus. For example, the software allowed Conrad Gargett to thoroughly track the User Group change process, speed up Room Data Sheet production, and provide accurate SOA tracking against briefing documents along with accurate quantity and design validation of FFE.


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