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Man and Machine UK outlines how it is using its experience to help firms to get BIM ready…

Man and Machine is part of a pan-European group, operating in 11 countries, with over 750 staff and over 500,000 installed CAD seats. We provide expertise in digital design and data management with over 60 years of combined technical experience and extensive industry experience. Our specialist knowledge has allowed us to develop a wide variety of services that address the needs of our customers across multiple industries to enable them to design, visualise, and simulate to the highest standard.

It takes many activities and skills to bring the ideas and designs of Architects/Engineers to fulfilment. Building Information Modelling (BIM) attempts to standardise the creation and exchange of information to make the design, construction and operational management of a facility or infrastructure asset more efficient.

It is important to note that BIM is not just about buildings, but in its widest context is being applied to facility, building, road, railway, and infrastructure projects. It is also now very much impacting organisations throughout the supply chain including manufacturers, fabricators and interior designers.

The word ‘building’ in itself also doesn’t necessarily describe the full scope of a project – it doesn’t cover policies, assumptions, strategic decisions, supply chain, specification, user assessment, regulation and recycling sustainability. All are key parts of the project’s ‘information model’ and should be included in the creation of the facility or asset information as the project progresses.

For many facilities, more information will be created during the operational phase than will be created during the design and construction phases. Structuring data at the outset and quality controlling it through all phases of a project will bring tremendous benefits. BIM is often wrongly associated with just graphical (often 3D models) information. This is only partly true. All forms of correspondence form part of the model: specifications, risk registers, manufacturers technical information, preventative maintenance schedules could all form part of the BIM for example.

UK Government has defined a minimum requirement for Level 2 BIM by 2016. Making the right choices to begin your BIM journey and maximise the return on your investment is critical. Man and Machine offer a variety of solutions and services to help you understand the impact of BIM and the market opportunity that it presents throughout the supply chain. The solutions and services include BIM-based products, modelling and measurement solutions, BIM deployment programs, training and consultancy.

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