Graphisoft launches new strategic roadmap for 40 year anniversary

Press image with visual of Graphisoft 40 year anniversary.

Graphisoft has unveiled its new vision and strategic roadmap at the online launch of its latest solutions and services, including Archicad 26, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad

Graphisoft was founded in Budapest in 1982 by Gábor Bojár and the late István Gábor Tari. The company released its first commercial software in 1984 – and right from the beginning with coordinated 2D and 3D, Archicad has driven industry innovation ever since.

Its “Virtual Building” approach pioneered the road to what would many years later be called Building Information Modelling, or simply, “BIM.”

Graphisoft serves users in more than 120 countries

Huw Roberts, CEO, Graphisoft, commented: “As we mark Graphisoft’s 40th anniversary, we pause with gratitude to reflect on how far we have come — now as a global leader in our industry and serving users in more than 120 countries with 29 localized versions and millions of buildings designed with Archicad.

“But as proud as we are of our past, we are even more excited about our future. The entrepreneurial spirit that inspired our founders and fuelled our growth continues to shape our approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities our customers face today.

“We remain focused on understanding our users, their needs and aspirations, and on delivering great products and services to help them achieve their best, and to create great architecture.”

What is Graphisoft’s vision, mission and strategy?

Graphisoft believes in a world where buildings make people’s lives better, and where these buildings are designed and delivered by digitalized multi-disciplinary teams working together easily and effectively.

To help realise this vision, Graphisoft’s mission is ‘Empowering teams to create great architecture.’

The strategy to fulfil that mission is to deliver exceptional software, with integrated services, knowledge and know-how, benefits, and support — so that architects and multi-disciplinary design teams can maximize their design excellence.

Graphisoft’s strategic roadmap to continued growth and success

Graphisoft’s strategic roadmap consists of multiple lanes — for architecture, multi-disciplinary design, design team collaboration, and productive ecosystems— each with plans for exciting new features, capabilities, and enhancements.

Architecture remains focused on design, documentation, visualization, and collaboration, whereas multi-disciplinary design starts with OPEN BIM and moves forward with integrated design.

This was expanded this year with Graphisoft’s newly merged DDScad capabilities for Building Systems engineering.

Design team collaboration is centred around BIMcloud and BIMx, reaching out with OPEN BIM and BCF, and connecting to Common Data Environments (CDEs).

Users of Archicad already have unmatched collaboration amongst themselves, and OPEN BIM and easy information exchanges make working alongside virtually any application and with any other team seamless.

Graphisoft’s services and benefits

Graphisoft’s services and benefits ensure and maximize the productivity of Graphisoft’s users’ ecosystems.

The Graphisoft Forward service and benefits program allows users access to know-how through Graphisoft Learn, and to share knowledge and best practices with peer users and experts through Graphisoft Community.

Graphisoft also noted that its unique Adaptive Hybrid Framework technology architecture will enable faster and more nimble high-quality delivery of new capabilities, features, products, and services spanning the desktop, cloud services, and mobile devices beginning with Archicad 26.

Easy-to-use, future-proof solutions for all design disciplines

Zsolt Kerecsen, Vice President, Software Success at Graphisoft stated: “In short, our strategy is to apply continuous innovation through an Adaptive Hybrid Framework, to flexibly deliver great capabilities in stable, easy-to-use, future-proof solutions for all design disciplines in integrated teams.”

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