[VIDEO] The power of Revit automation for Blockwork


The power of Revit automation for Blockwork. How AEC software specialist, DiRoots helped Tecomat to optimise their workflows by about 90%


Tecomat was founded 28 years ago and is actively looking forward to improving its internal processes, saving time, and cutting off its production costs.

As a company that offers masonry design services, one of their most time-consuming and repetitive tasks is blockwork modelling.

Challenges and objectives

Tecomat’s main objective is to remain competitive by optimising their internal design processes while delivering the best and quickest results to their clients.

After analysing their mansory design process, specifically the blockwork modelling in Revit, they concluded that placing brick by brick and fit them in the walls is a super inefficient and error-prone task that must be fully automated.

Reduction of production costs, increased efficiency, and quality gains were the objectives that led them to look for a bespoke solution.


Develop a custom Revit add-in to automate the blockwork modelling process by converting generic walls to blocks/bricks.

Find out more about this custom Revit Add-in.


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