Mechwest enhances accuracy of daily document workflows with Revu

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Mechwest turns to Bluebeam Revu as its solution to digitalise its entire document review and annotation operation

In 2018, fast-growing Australian mechanical and structural 2D and 3D drafting firm Mechwest faced a major problem – the Perth-based company was in the midst of an international expansion, with offices opening in the Philippines and across its home country in Brisbane, but its primary way of working for its mining, oil and gas clients was still largely paper-based.

Paper documents, often at times numbering in the tens of thousands per day, would circulate throughout its office as employees would annotate shop detailing changes in pen and highlighter to be made before the documents were digitalised and sent to clients.

Now, with a dispersed workforce passing off annotated documents, this paper-based workflow was no longer sufficient.


Mechwest turned to Bluebeam® Revu® as its solution to digitalise its entire document review and annotation operation.

Bluebeam Revu has allowed the firm to streamline the review-and-markup process across thousands of daily documents while improving efficiency — all while ridding the company’s workspaces of large cluttered desks and large stacks of paper.


  • As many as 20,000 daily documents are now 95% digital across 150+ team members, resulting in sizeable time and cost savings
  • Digitalising its massive volume of documents has improved their legibility, helping avoid costly errors
  • Seamless digital document workflows between dispersed team members have allowed Mechwest to grow over 1,000% in four years.


Read more about Mechwest’s digital transformation.


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