VolkerWessels C&RED and Solibri sign enterprise agreement


VolkerWessels C&RED has chosen a Solibri Enterprise Agreement to help deliver operational excellence and digital innovation

The Construction & Real Estate (C&RED) division of VolkerWessels in the Netherlands, understands that an efficient workflow with embedded quality assurance matters when you are delivering ‘Big BIM’ on a large scale. That is why VolkerWessels C&RED has chosen Solibri to be a long-term partner.

Solibri and VolkerWessels C&RED have signed an enterprise agreement – meaning VolkerWessels C&RED gets unlimited access to Solibri’s BIM software when and wherever needed by its people.

As part of the agreement, VolkerWessels C&RED will use Solibri’s automated checking for its largest projects – this means that quality data will be available and accessible to deliver construction projects on time with minimal waste.

‘Using the latest technology to make a difference’

Bas Wiggers, team leader service management, managed services at VolkerWessels, said: “The strategic vision of the VolkerWessels construction group is based on continuous development, while improving systems and processes that make us a stronger and more sustainable construction company for future generations.

“By choosing Solibri, we are happy in the knowledge that we are doing everything to build correctly and efficiently.

“Our customers can be assured that we are striving to make a difference, and that difference starts by using the latest technologies throughout our division.”

Ville Kyytsönen, Solibri CEO, added: “It’s a pleasure to work with such companies like VolkerWessels C&RED. Our role is to offer solutions that help our customers to deliver projects in time, within budget and the expected quality.

“VolkerWessels C&RED understands that the workflow needs quality assurance and control throughout the process.

“By applying Solibri properly, you can pass on those benefits not just in terms of financial efficiencies but also have a real positive environmental impact.

“It is important that forward-thinking companies implement BIM tools with deep capability instead of just good-enough-viewers. Non-competitive tools are actually hindering BIM to grow to next levels in terms of productivity and environmental gains.”

Solibri Enterprise Agreements are designed for large customers with multiple Solibri users and projects. It offers flexibility, scalability, process improvement and predictable costs. The customer has unlimited concurrent license usage with global support when needed.

The agreement has a fixed annual baseline cost with multi-year contract offerings as part of the package. Learn more here.


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