[Video] The state of UK BIM: ISO 19650 vs. BS1192 and the information delivery cycle


Ben Wallbank, BIM strategy and partnerships manager for Viewpoint, breaks down what ISO 19650 is, what it looks like in practice and how it compares to previous standards, in this state of UK BIM series

This article is part of our State of UK BIM blog series, where we explain what BIM is and where to look for the latest advice and guidance surrounding BIM.

ISO 19650 explained

Watch the video below to see Ben’s explanation of the changes and variations when comparing ISO 19650 to BS1192, and how it looks in practice.

What is a standard, and how does it differ from a regulation?

A standard is a set of advice for you to follow if you choose to. A regulation is mandatory, but a standard is not. What benefits would a business see by implementing standards that aren’t already present in regulations? It’ll help protect you and your business in terms of your professional indemnity insurance if you can show that you are working in accordance with a set of agreed standards.

What is ISO 19650 and who helped create it?

ISO 19650 is an updated standard based largely on those of PAS-1192 and BS1192. It was created by Paul Morrell, the UK government’s chief construction adviser in 2011. Mark Bew and Mervyn Richards were also key authors to BS1192, and since then many others like Dr. Anne Kemp, who heads up the UK BIM Alliance, have also had a hand in further defining the standard.

What is the difference between ISO 19650 and BS1192?

If you are familiar with BS1192, you will find that ISO 19650 is based very largely on it and its provisions. There are sections relating to OpEx period, the operational period, and to the CapEx period, as well as to security, to health and safety and to digital data.

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