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In this episode of the Construction Talk Podcast, Peter Haddock sits down with Matthew Ayres, group managing director of The Bennie Group, to talk about how early technology adoption can generate and harvest data, diversity and inclusion, and new talent

Episode three of the Construction Talk Podcast kicks off with Matthew Ayres, who discusses how by aligning systems and centralising data, The Bennie Group has created data-led strategies that save huge amounts of time and money.

The Bennie Group is a family group, which has six different business units that operate in different sectors across the construction industry. For Matthew, utilising technology across the business was important for saving time and making processes more streamlined.

The Bennie Group recently launched a new plant hire company earlier this year and has been focusing on investing in more energy-efficient equipment.

Investing in future skillsets

The company has also been a huge advocate of investing in young talent in the construction industry. To combat an ageing workforce, the company has invested in the future of young people through apprenticeships and Kickstarter schemes.

Matthew states: “We need to make sure that we are giving young people that opportunity, as it is not something that they are traditionally exposed to, that this could be the career for them.”

As a young leader, how have you embraced technology in a difficult period?

Matthew states: “As a young person myself, I’ve always had a natural gravitation towards technology. I think it’s exciting.”

Matthew explains how he played a role in the technology of the group from 2010, by making sure the technology had a solid infrastructure, which enabled its progression.

The group is also focused on trends such as changing business models, and the evolution of technology, and invests in this technology as much as possible.

“Early adopters are winners, if you don’t change fast enough, you can get left behind”, states Matthew.

Diversity and inclusion in the construction industry

Peter Haddock then asks Matthew about the role of diversity and inclusion in The Bennie Group, and how he has used a negative personal experience and turned it into something positive.

He explains the importance of the ‘three P’s’: people, planet, and profit, and how it is the responsibility of businesses to educate and update people.

“Business is no longer just about profit. Businesses are about people coming together to attract commerce, and those people are absolutely key”, states Matthew.

Lastly, Peter and Matthew discuss the importance of investment in keeping the industry updated – both through technology, investing in future skills, and attracting new talent.

Listen to the full episode of the Construction Talk Podcast here.


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