emea construction summit

Viewpoint will be holding a virtual EMEA construction summit on 13-14 October to explore the latest construction technologies, industry best practices, and much more

For the first time ever, Viewpoint will be holding a virtual EMEA construction summit!

This two-day event — EMEA Summit 2021: Where Construction Connects — is free to attend for construction industry professionals.

The summit will provide an opportunity to learn about the direction of the construction industry, as well as Viewpoint’s commitment to current and future customers.

Viewpoint will welcome industry thought leaders, as well as customers, product experts, and inspirational keynote speakers to its jam-packed two-day construction summit.

Attendees can customise their event experience by creating their own unique agenda streams to get the most out of the summit.

Here are just a few reasons why you and your colleagues should attend the Viewpoint EMEA Summit:

  1. EMEA construction industry insights

Viewpoint believes to get the most out of a construction conference, it needs to be specific to your market’s challenges and intricacies. That’s why all of the sessions covered at the EMEA Summit have been designed with, you guessed it, EMEA construction in mind. This means you can extract the most value from each session and really gain an insight into where construction is heading.

  1. Viewpoint product news

The product team will be showcasing all of its latest product updates, as well as the future roadmaps for each product. This is a unique opportunity to see what is in store for Field View and Viewpoint For Projects.

You may already know that Viewpoint is a part of the Trimble family, but you might not know what that looks like from a technology perspective and what it can ultimately mean for your company. This event aims to give you a better understanding of the wider offering of products (you may even use some already!) and showcase how Trimble can help you achieve more.

  1. Inspirational keynote speakers

The EMEA construction summit isn’t just focused on the industry, Viewpoint also wants to look at the bigger picture. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and forget to take a step back from time to time.

They are welcoming two brilliant keynote speakers that are bound to have you feeling motivated and thinking more holistically (even if you do have to go back to work after attending our summit).

  1. Open forum

The majority of the sessions will feature Q&A either via the live chat throughout a session or hosted at the end of the session. This gives all attendees a unique chance to ask questions and open up a dialogue with product experts, current customers, and industry professionals in order to expand their knowledge base.

  1. Product training

For customers and the curious, they will be hosting product demonstration sessions. If you’re in need of a product refresher, or simply want to find out more about Field View or Viewpoint For Projects, these sessions are perfect for you. At the EMEA Summit, you’ll get a chance to polish up your product knowledge — for free!

If you’re an EMEA construction professional, this is a can’t miss event!

To read the full agenda and register for your free ticket, visit www.emeasummit.viewpoint.com for more information.


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