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Morgan Sindall, alongside Nottingham Trent University with funding from CITB are collaborating to run the Innovation Driven Procurement (IDP) to help small construction firms drive innovation in construction

The organisations first partnered in 2019 to tackle productivity through better procurement approaches. Despite the pandemic, the IDP programme worked to engage site employees and gain their insights and ideas for driving innovation and improving productivity.

The IDP Programme is focussed on improving profits, relationships and projects

Sean Bowles, regional managing director for Morgan Sindall Construction commented: “The IDP is focused on improving profits, relationships and projects as a whole for all parties involved.

“The aim of the modules in the programme is to streamline construction practices, flushing out potential problems before they arise and generally taking a more collaborative, communicative approach to encourage innovation from the outset.”

The programme promotes a culture of innovation

Dr Andrew Knight, executive dean of the School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment for Nottingham Trent University, added: “The Innovation Driven Procurement programme has highlighted the real need for academia and construction to come together to realise challenges and solutions for the industry, especially as the sector’s productivity is lower than other parts of the economy.

“The programme offers a solution to this through training and mentoring from experts to help businesses challenge their current working practises and promote a culture of innovation.

“It has so far been received with praise by subcontractors, who have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete a job, and can now deliver an enhanced collaborative service for their clients. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Morgan Sindall Construction to inspire change in the construction industry.”

The IDP is one of four pilot projects which received funding from the CITB’s £3m commission

The four projects are set to save £25m and will involve 1,900 construction employers with the focus being on collaboration to mitigate risk, as well as an emphasis on quality and whole life outcomes.

Over three years, the IDP will include a programme of 120 face-to-face training interactions, 165 virtual training interactions, 51 innovation projects facilitated and supported, and 48 innovation champions trained.

The IDP programme has been implemented with three supply chains in the Midlands so far.

The programme leverages collaborative technology and processes to support design, buildability, and quality advice to drive innovation, cost savings, and improvements.

IDP Modules include:

  • Collaborative Behaviours
  • Collaborative Design and the Supply Chain
  • Collaborative Risk Management using Flow Walks
  • Innovation and Value in the Supply Chain


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