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Building insulation specialist Actis has renewed its on-going collaborative relationship with LABC by becoming an event partner

The partnership, which follows three years as an organisation sponsor, will see Actis participate in LABC’s monthly road shows and a series of one-off topic or sector-specific events over the coming year.

Actis has been running training courses – its two CPDs and a SAP module – at LABC technical seminars since 2018.

The coming 12 months will see a mixture of virtual and face-to-face events, all aimed at helping other industry members gain greater insight into issues affecting the construction sector, with the Actis component focusing on thermal efficiency.

Actis’ CPDs include a RIBA-approved module on Addressing the Peformance Gap with Reflective Insulation and another on Proven Compliant Systems.

‘Helping raise understanding’

LABC head of engagement, Anna Thompson, said: “We’ve developed a strong relationship over the past three and a half years of working with Actis.

“Between us we have helped to raise understanding of the work of both organisations throughout the construction industry, with particular focus on our mutual goal of closing the thermal performance gap.

We really need to hammer home the message that if we are to achieve zero carbon we must insulate effectively.

“Added to that, we need to raise awareness of the fact that insulation not only keeps homes warm in cold weather, it also means they stay cool in the summer.

“We hear of so many consumers looking to install air conditioning to counteract overheating. We need to educate the industry that using the correct sort of insulation will achieve both aims.

“That’s where much of our focus will be this year – looking at how to make a noticeable difference to energy use so we can work meaningfully towards hitting that zero carbon target.”

Actis UK and Ireland sales director Mark Cooper, added: “We’re thrilled about our continued partnership with LABC, which provides us with an excellent opportunity to share our technical expertise with colleagues across the construction industry.”

The CE-marked Actis Hybrid range has LABC and LABSS registered details and LABC Warranty approval.


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