Construction firm uses tracking devices to cut vehicle emissions


A UK construction and engineering firm has utilised tracking devices in its vehicles to reduce carbon emissions by 22 per cent…

Construction and engineering firm J. Murphy & Sons (Murphy) has successfully reduced its emissions through a behaviour change campaign.

The firm implemented some 1,900 tracking devices to its vehicles to monitor speed, idling time, and the routes their drivers were taking. From this data, J. Murphy & Sons was then able to engage with their drivers and provide advice on safe and fuel-efficient driving. As a result of the measure, the firm reported a 22 per cent reduction in carbon emissions.

Director of procurement, plant and transport John Coll said: “At Murphy, we realise the value of getting our drivers to better understand the consequences of their actions – whether that’s the amount of fuel and carbon that can be used up by idling in traffic or looking at ways to improve their driving.

“The awareness scheme has certainly helped improve the way people think and act, and has helped Murphy push at cutting our carbon and costs as much as possible.”

The firm said the initiative was successful. Some 53 drivers who displayed poor choices and negative driving behaviour have reportedly not reoffended to date. Additionally, there has been a 35 per cent decrease in road traffic accidents per million pounds of turnover since 2012, and the severity of accidents has also seen a sharp decrease.

Murphy said it is also investing in electric and hybrid vehicles in a bid to further reduce its emissions. Currently, just six per cent of its fleet qualifies as ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV), but it hopes to increase this figure.

The measure form part of the firm’s long term strategy to decrease its carbon output. In 2009, the firm planned to reduce its carbon emission by 10 per cent across its UK business by the end of 2014. It now plans to reduce 30 per cent of its emissions by 2019. Provisional results suggest it has already reduced emissions by 23 per cent.

Moving forward, the firm plans to make greater efficiency savings and is in the process of trialling engine management fuel saving devices in a number of its vehicles.


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