ENGIE acquires housing maintenance services


ENGIE has reached an agreement to acquire long-term heating and building maintenance contracts, previously operated by Carillion Energy Services Limited, with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive

The contracts include heating maintenance services for approximately 38,000 properties and building maintenance services for approximately 22,000 of those properties. As part of the agreement, ENGIE will offer all employees working on these contracts a role with equivalent terms and conditions to their current position. Completion of the transaction is subject to a formal transfer process.

Wilfrid Petrie, CEO of ENGIE in the UK & Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be taking on these contracts and ensuring that important maintenance services will continue to be delivered to thousands of homes in Northern Ireland. Our extensive experience in providing property services will enable us to partner effectively with the Housing Executive, delivering high-quality service to residents as well as guaranteeing continued employment for the employees on the contracts.”

ENGIE is the UK’s leading provider of regeneration services, improving buildings, places and communities through refurbishment and upgrade. It has renovated more than 350,000 homes, delivering improvements to over 400 communities across the UK.


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