Scandia-Hus choses Actis’ insulation products for third show home

insulation products

The UK’s largest designer and supplier of Swedish energy saving timber-framed homes has chosen Actis Hybrid insulation products for the third time for its latest show home

Scandia-Hus was so impressed by the thermal efficiency achieved using Actis’ insulation products in the first two homes it built at its Sussex HQ that it is replicating the precise specification it used on those buildings for its latest creation.

Once completed, architects expect it will offer the same U-values achieved in the initial two buildings – 0.14 in the roof and 0.16 in the walls.

The construction, which began in April, is expected to be complete in November, and contractors have just begun to install insulating vapour control layer HControl Hybrid and 155mm honeycomb design Hybris in the pitched roof and HControl Hybrid and 105mm Hybris in the walls.

The 2,680 sq ft, three-bedroom chalet bungalow, built to Scandia-Hus‘ Mulberry design will have brick exterior cladding, a clay tile roof and cream cottagey windows. It will act both as a show home and an educational tool to showcase the components of a timber frame building. The first floor will be used as a seminar space on Scandia-Hus’ various open days throughout the year.

‘Quick and easy to install’

insulation productsActis regional sales manager Liane Bayliss, said: “Actis Hybrid products are particularly popular with timber frame builders.

“Giving a hands-on demonstration of the various elements used in a build of this nature will be very educational, both for the potential buyers of Scandia-Hus properties and for specifiers keen to explore different insulation products and their benefits for other build projects.”

Scandia-Hus trialled the Actis Hybrid system a few years ago on its first, contemporary style, show home, carrying out a thermal imaging exercise after completion to help determine whether to switch to using the system for future projects.

The results, which showed an impressive lack of thermal bridging, convinced them that this was the best insulation for most of the homes it builds every year.

Scandia-Hus MD Derek Dawson said: “Using Actis reduced installation time by up to 30%. Previously, insulation was installed in two phases – the first in the factory and the second on site after the first fix was complete.

“Actis Hybris is easy to install. The panels are easy to cut to exactly the right size so they simply slot into the stud wall. Due to the use of service voids and the ease of installation, the insulation will now generally be installed in one phase on site. This also ensures that the air tightness of the building is not compromised by follow up trades.

“Other benefits were minimal wastage (just three black sacks) and site cleanliness.  And as if that is not benefit enough, the Hybrid range does not produce irritant and messy dust when installing.”

Bayliss added: “Using traditional insulation products to improve energy efficiency would have resulted in greater wall thickness, large increases in material costs and more labour for Scandia-Hus.

“The Hybrid system is quick and easy to install and offers an impressive U-value in a thinner package – thus creating more saleable floor space. Because it’s flexible and can bend around corners, not only does this make fitting it much more straightforward than cutting rigid board, it also addresses issues of thermal bridging and air tightness. It was these factors which meant the thermal imaging experiment was such a success.”


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