membrane composite,

Wall membrane composite, Wraptherm has been awarded certification from both LABC and LABSS confirming that the product meets building regulation approval in England, Wales and Scotland

The wall membrane composite will improve airtightness levels whilst also addressing the need to reduce thermal bridging in refurbishment projects.

The high-performance membrane composite is self-adhesive and is specifically developed to be applied during the refurbishment of existing buildings to enhance the thermal and airtightness performance of the building.

Wraptherm can also be used in new build construction to reduce thermal bridging and improve airtightness, e.g. around steel lintels or around concrete columns.

The membrane composite consists of a 10mm Spacetherm aerogel insulation blanket bonded to the face of Wraptite, the industry recognised vapour permeable, self-adhesive airtight membrane.

When applied to the internal face of the existing façade, Wraptherm provides a vapour permeable yet airtight layer, fully self-adhered to the substrate beneath with the added benefit of a 10mm thick layer of high-performance Spacetherm insulation blanket.

Airtight/thermal composite framing can then be installed with the added benefit of a reduction in thermal bridging due to the Spacetherm layer.

Additional thermal insulation can also be included within the frame to meet the specific U-value requirements of the project.

The offset nature of the Wraptite component allows for a completely robust sealing of all of the joints within the panel thus ensuring the continuity, integrity and robustness of the airtight layer.


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