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latest online services

JCT is committed not only to best practice in creating its suite of contracts but also in their delivery, including embracing the latest online services to support the drafting process and make accessing JCT contracts easier

Flexible options to buy and work with your JCT contracts.

Two years ago, we launched our current digital services, JCT On Demand and JCT Construct, not knowing the unprecedented set of challenges the construction industry was about to face because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, JCT Digital revolutionised the online contract drafting process, which enabled many professionals to continue to be able to access the contracts they needed and support flexible working via the latest online services.

Both of the latest online services optimise best practice and transparency by outputting comparison documents highlighting the full set of any edits and changes against the standard JCT text.

Through our digital-first approach, and as we continue to adapt and refine our services, JCT will be playing its role in supporting the industry’s drive to modernise, be agile, flexible and embrace innovative technologies and the latest online services.

The latest online services:

latest online services

JCT On Demand

JCT On Demand is the quick and easy option for those who want to get their contract straight away in a digital format, be guided through filling it in and output a clean printed copy for signing. The full range of JCT 2016 contracts is available from the JCT online store.

Currently JCT On Demand is the default option (where available) for products purchased via the JCT Online Store, although customers can still order hardcopy contracts for delivery if they prefer by selecting the ‘hardcopy’ option from the format box on the product page.

The benefits of JCT On Demand:

  • Contracts are completed using an intuitive Q&A process, which makes filling in the contracts easy and makes sure that the document is completed comprehensively. Questions change depending on the answers given, so users only complete what is relevant to their project.
  • A split Q&A and preview screen enables answers to be seen in context and updated in real time.
  • Improved design features, such as easy to access document actions, interactive progress bar and an easy to navigate folder structure, help to make finding and progressing through contracts a breeze.
  • Printing DRAFT watermarked copies during the process enables documents to be reviewed.
  • Comparison documents can be viewed and printed, showing all changes against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency.
  • Finalise and print – when ready, documents can be finalised, the draft watermark is removed and final copies can be printed for signing.
  • All documents within the JCT 2016 Edition of Contracts are available.

The latest online services: JCT Construct

latest online services

JCT Construct is a subscription service providing a range of sophisticated yet easy to use editing features, enabling the addition of bespoke clauses, amendments or any other customised text. Boilerplates can be created to easily replicate a bespoke set of amendments across different contracts and projects. Collaborative working is supported with guest-sharing, to enable all parties to the contract to share drafts, edit and view changes.

A range of subscription options support single and multi-users and, as with JCT On Demand, the full range of JCT 2016 documents is available.

The benefits of JCT Construct:

  • Easy to use, flexible and secure online contract drafting.
  • Contract text can be edited, with auto-updating of clause numbers, cross- references in the JCT text and table of contents.
  • Guest sharing supports collaborative working amongst those involved in the contract drafting to share drafts, to edit and to see all the changes.
  • Version-to-version comparison enables any changes between draft versions and against the published JCT text to be seen, always ensuring full transparency between the parties to the contract.
  • Boilerplates can be created so that standard sets of changes can be reused.
  • Printing DRAFT watermarked copies during the process enables documents to be reviewed.
  • Finalise and print – when ready, documents can be finalised, the draft watermark is removed and final copies can be printed for signing.
  • Flexible subscription options – for the full range or a more limited range of contracts within the JCT 2016 Edition, plus options for single or multi-user subscribers are available.

You can find out more about JCT’s range of digital products and services. 





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