Making the built environment accessible for all


In this ebook, About Access, which has been providing advice, guidance and training on improving access for 20 years, discusses its work and the importance of broadening understanding and acceptance of accessibility issues

It looks at requirements covering access in the Building Regulations, as well as where the law stands on accessibility, which includes the Equality Act in England, Scotland and Wales, and the Disability Discrimination Act in Northern Ireland.

About Access offers guidance on the relevant provisions of the legislation, which applies to businesses, clubs, associations and public, voluntary and community sector organisations.

Breaching the law can be costly, not only in terms of fines levied, lost business and expensive building adjustments but also in damage to a hard-earned reputation. About Access helps businesses to understand where action is needed and draw up a strategy to open up to a larger customer base.

As a consultant, About Access draws from direct engagement with disabled people about different aspects of the built environment. It takes the lessons learned from users’ first-hand experiences to improve existing buildings and help ensure accessibility is “designed in” at the early stages of new developments.

In communicating the requirements of disabled people, About Access also receives feedback from designers and developers on the practicalities of making changes, which can help set new standards.

This ebook also looks at the range of training offered by About Access, from informal meetings to detailed courses looking at specific issues relating to disability or the built environment.

Training can be delivered offsite or in-house at an organisation’s own premises. Most recently, training has moved online, with the Access Audit course adapted to support distance learning.

Finally, there is a host of case studies, highlighting the work of About Access with clients including The O2 and the Arts Council, as well as universities, healthcare facilities, local government and more.


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