Building better by building smarter


“Build, build, build” is the rallying cry from Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the UK looks to kick-start the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

Everyone wants the construction industry to go back to work but, in this new ebook, The Access Group argues that we must not simply slip back into the old “business as usual”.

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it huge challenges for construction but there is also a huge opportunity – one the industry cannot afford to miss – to look at how we work and make lasting change for the better.

Because, if we are honest, many of the failings and problems identified by Dame Judith Hackitt’s landmark review of Building Regulations and fire safety were not new – adversarial relationships, a focus on doing things as cheaply as possible, a lack of innovation and an overall “race to the bottom” driven by thin margins have been familiar bugbears for years, but nothing has been done.

That has to change – and there is now a chance to burst the bubble the industry has been existing in for far too long.

Technology will have a crucial role to play in effecting change. From better and more consistent product specification to improving margins and supporting a shift in industry culture, the right software can make a huge difference.

It doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel but the potential gains, from improved productivity, better outcomes and cost savings to better relationships and integrated supply chains, offer a chance to not only build but to build better and smarter.


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