Certification & Accreditation


The whole purpose of accreditation is to provide confidence to consumers, purchasers and regulators in the competence and impartiality of organisations.

Accreditation provides confidence in the certification provided to support many different aspects of the construction industry such as quality and environmental management systems as well as the certification of construction related products and materials.

In this guide, we shine a light on standards, accreditation and certification within the construction industry and the confidence it generates.

We begin with an article from Secured by Design which is the UK police service’s initiative to design out crime in the built environment using products that are proven to meet Police Preferred Specifications. They detail how they are working with industry bodies, test houses and manufacturers to create standards intended to resist attacks by opportunistic offenders.

Our next offering comes from Ian Ronksley, Accreditation Development Manager for The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). They are the National Accreditation Body that assesses and accredits a wide range of organisations that provide testing, inspection, calibration and certification services against internationally recognised standards.

Our third instalment comes from The British Board of Agrément – the UK’s leading construction certification body offering approval, certification, inspection and test services to manufacturers of products and systems. They argue that new construction products must be carefully regulated and monitored to avoid serious problems in the future.



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