Digital technology will change the culture of the construction industry


The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has produced standard forms of construction contracts, guidance notes and other standardised documentation for the industry since 1931. Today, it provides a larger and more comprehensive range of contract documentation than any other body of its kind in the UK

In this latest ebook, Joint Contracts Tribunal experts look at some of the key issues in construction, from sustainability and the changes being brought about by digital technology to contract law.

Richard Saxon CBE asks if, in the light of Extinction Rebellion protests and growing concerns about the climate emergency, a truly sustainable built environment is possible.

The cover article looks at the 2019 JCT Povey Lecture by Professor Alan Pen, entitled Our Digital Future: Space and Place in a Digital World, which was delivered at the Local Government Association in November.

Professor Pen, who is professor of architectural and urban computing at the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL and chief scientific adviser to the Ministry for Communities, Homes & Local Government, discussed the rapid development of technologies such as the IoT, robotics and biometrics, and the opportunities and challenges they present in shaping place.

Elsewhere, Peter Hibberd looks at the recent Court of Appeals case of Mears v Costplan Services, which has raised questions about the complex issue of whether contracts should precisely define what constitutes practical completion.

Finally, Richard Young, senior director at the CBRE, looks at how the construction industry can bridge the technology gap – and where JCT contracts fit into this changing landscape.


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