How public sector procurement aids the levelling up agenda


    In this ebook, LHC looks at the role public sector procurement plays in the government’s levelling up agenda

    This LHC report looks at Levelling Up – the government’s signature domestic political agenda – and how public sector procurement can play a key part in this agenda, supporting an equitable market that delivers opportunities to all parts of the UK.

    Levelling up in “left behind areas”.

    In the report, LHC looks at this issue, particularly through the lens of housing. Ideally, housing and levelling up should be inextricably linked, making sure that programmes to deliver high-quality homes in deprived areas across the UK generate jobs and innovation in new build, along with sustainable, low carbon retrofit skills, improved diversity, equality and inclusion and a strong pipeline of work for local firms.

    John Slaughter, director of external affairs at HBF, discusses tackling fuel poverty, the contribution of the new homes sector and new build standards that will help make homes cheaper to heat.

    NHC director Tracy Harrison identifies the urgent need to train more people in low carbon, low energy retrofit measures and to create localised skills programmes to ignite change.

    MMC is a lynchpin for levelling up housing standards

    The report highlights MMC as a lynchpin for levelling up regional housing standards and encourages wider adoption by local authorities, housing associations and social housing groups, and increased procurement of expertise in this area.

    It also calls on public sector clients and procurement bodies to seek out SMEs and suppliers from more diverse backgrounds.


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