Challenges and barriers to adoption and implementation of offsite and MMC


    In this ebook, Buildoffsite explores the challenges and barriers to the adoption and implementation of offsite construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

    At the beginning of 2021, BECG commissioned Buildoffsite to provide insight into the challenges of implementing offsite and MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) and how these barriers can be overcome.

    A survey was conducted of the Buildoffsite membership and also promoted to the sector via industry roundtables and stakeholders including the Construction Industry Hub (CIH), Construction Leadership Council (CLC), and Offsite School.

    Offsite and MMC opportunities

    This ebook sets out the findings of the survey and provides insight and knowledge on the offsite sector including:

    • key trends
    • the industry landscape
    • supply chain visibility
    • geo-political risks
    • policy and procurement
    • opportunities for the offsite sector

    By challenging perceptions around offsite, Buildoffsite aims to debunk and demystify these perceptions to ensure the sector does not face barriers to increase adoption and is ultimately better educated moving forward.


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