Why SIPs are crucial to the future of the UK construction industry


This ebook from insulated panel manufacturer, Hemsec looks in detail at Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs) and why they are crucial to the future of the UK construction industry

Building in the UK is currently undergoing a transition, with new housing in particularly high demand. Yet traditional approaches have consistently failed to meet the targets. As Modern Methods of Construction, SIPs, which are already widely used around the world, offer a potential solution for not only residential construction but also industrial and commercial projects.

The ebook explores the benefits of SIPs in detail, from the flexibility they offer in terms of building design to their exceptional environmental credentials and finished build quality.

It also explains the rigorous testing that SIPs undergo to ensure they meet the highest levels of compliance, and the unbeatable mechanical resistance and stability they offer.

In addition, this ebook features an article from Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of the Structural Timber Association, who discusses the benefits of SIPs at a time when sustainable development is becoming not only a national, but a global priority.

Andrew looks at the composition of SIPs and their two fundamental applications: as full structural building envelopes or infill walling.

He also notes the role of Structured Insulated Panels in carbon storage, and why the innovative use of SIPs can provide high density, high quality housing without compromising the environment.


  1. I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years, and for the last 20 years been involved in timber frame & sip panel construction. Both constructions have there floors and are no more Carbon neutral than conventional builds. By far a conventional build exceeds any factory built product if you have good tradesman and take more time on a build like we did in the past years. Constructing a private house 1 per month is not achievable in the real world if you want good quality and longevity.


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