StormMeister: Active Flood Seal


In this ebook, StormMeister, a world leader in flood product development, looks at the company’s history, from its foundation in 2010 by experienced engineer Malcolm Snapes to its innovation-driven expansion into Europe, North America, Africa and Australia

Using his 30-plus years’ experience, Malcolm developed the StormMeister Active Flood Seal as an easy to install and maintain protection measure. It means StormMeister flood protection products do not rely on handle pressure or need to be tightly locked.

The ebook explains how the Active Flood Seal works to ensure doors, windows or barrier stays completely watertight.

Once constructed, all of StormMeister’s products are put through their paces in a purpose-built testing facility. Through this continuous testing, the company has developed the only wheelchair-friendly, low threshold flood door on the market, ensuring its products meet Building Regulations requirements for council and commercial properties to be wheelchair accessible.

Climate change and more extreme weather patterns, as well as the development of more houses on flood plains, will drive the need for greater flood protection.

With the Active Flood Seal, StormMeister offers reliable and affordable products that make resilience more accessible to homeownwers and businesses.

About StormMeister

StormMeister® Flood Protection was founded in the UK in 2010 with the specific aim of solving the problems presented by conventional flood doors which are difficult to operate.

StormMeister® director Malcolm Snape is an engineer with over 30 years experience of manufacturing products for the construction industry and it was whilst working in the Tropical Rain Forest of West Africa he came up with the novel idea of using the hydrodynamic power of floodwater to seal flood doors.


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