Structural warranty: Reducing the risks of water ingress


With extreme weather and flooding becoming both more common and more severe because of climate change, it is crucially important to guard properties against the risk of water ingress

This ebook from structural warranty experts Premier Guarantee looks at how to reduce that risk through proper design and workmanship, as well as the correct installation of building elements.

Daniel Hicks, technical standards surveyor, writes about choosing the right cavity tray system. Cavity trays, including weep holes and stop ends, prevent the build-up of water within a cavity wall and allow water to escape through the outer leaf.

He details the importance of using a proprietary cavity tray system in areas such as low-rise cavity walls, where the risk of water ingress is particularly high and cavity tray detailing is complex, requiring a high level of workmanship.

He also looks at how to reduce the risk of water ingress in other key areas, such as where cavity trays are used in stepped abutments and where cavity trays continue around the corners of a building.

Elsewhere, technical compliance manager David Thomas looks a case where an investigation into a leaking roof in a 100-year-old coach house, which had undergone conversion work in 2007, found that secret box gutters were inadequate to cope with the volume of water discharging from adjacent roofs and therefore flooded during periods of heavy rainfall.

David explains how the installation of the box gutters should have been carried out and highlights Premier Guarantee technical guidance on the drainage of flat roofs to reduce the risk of water ingress.

There is also a guide to choosing the right structural warranty provider, looking at cover, risk management and experience.


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