Premier Guarantee technical updates: Roofs


This ebook brings together a collection of Technical Updates from Premier Guarantee covering roof design, installation, maintenance and performance standards to satisfy its warranty scheme

The first section offers guidance on “blue roofs”, flat roofs or decks designed to store rainfall temporarily for a defined period of time as a part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) proposal.

It covers design considerations, performance required in terms of BS standards and the Premier Guarantee Technical Manual and design intent, setting out what a design for a blue roof on a roof or deck slab must demonstrate to comply with the Premier Guarantee Technical Manual.

The guidance includes detailed requirements for a design submission, looking at the substrate; waterproofing; drainage; rainwater outlets; insulation, condensation risk and flotation; movement joints; slab penetrations and access provisions; surface finishes; building abutment joints and detailing; and architectural features.

In addition, there are requirements for installation and testing, operation and maintenance, and illustrations of blue roof layering.

Further updates

The ebook contains further Technical Updates on: Canopy flashing and weathering details; Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roofing requirements; Lead neoprene joints; and mortar bedded ridges and hips mechanical fixing.

There is also guidance on flashing systems incorporating “fake” or “alternative” lead, which are becoming increasingly popular on construction sites. Alternative systems are lighter than lead and easier to install, require no hot work or specialist equipment, and can offer a more cost-effective option given the rising cost of lead.

These systems are acceptable for meeting the requirements of Premier Guarantee’s Warranty Technical Manual, provided they have a UKAS or European-equivalent independent third party product approval certification, such as a BBA or BDA.

Finally, the ebook has a knowledge management article on TRADA span tables, which cover section sizes and spans for solid timber members in floors, ceilings and most roofs, and are one of three sources cited in the Technical Manual for meeting the requirements of Approved Document A of the Building Regulations.


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