What does BIM mean for manufacturing?


No business can afford to ignore how its market is changing and evolving. This is especially true for manufacturers of building products as an ever-increasing focus on improving efficiency and reducing build cost puts innovative technology like Building Information Modelling centre stage

This ebook from Graitec, one of Europe’s largest independent authors of CAD, CAE and BIM software, examines the effects of BIM on the building supply chain and why manufacturers who are not providing BIM-compliant product models for specifiers risk being left behind.

It discusses how to define a BIM object, how the ‘as-built’ reliability of having a portfolio of BIM-compliant objects can win market share and the future of BIM, including a look ahead to the move to BIM Level 3 by 2025.

With the lines between construction and manufacturing becoming increasingly blurred as offsite building grows, there has never been a better time to take the plunge on becoming BIM-compliant – and Graitec can help.

The ebook also highlights some recent developments in the world of BIM and construction innovation.

Peter Caplehorn, deputy chief executive and policy director of the Construction Products Association, discusses the value of digital technologies in creating a more efficient construction industry and the important progress made in developing consistent product data.

In addition, there is a guide to the British Board of Agrement’s BIM Object Assurance Scheme, which aims to verify that BIM objects are of the quality required by specifiers and modellers.

Finally, Chris Ashworth, a member of the BIM for Manufacturing (BIM4M2) steering group, discusses the key areas for innovation in construction products and looks at some recent research into how decision-makers in the sector are adopting technology.

From BIM to Industry 4.0, the Circular Economy and the growth of offsite, this ebook highlights the importance of keeping pace with innovation.



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