Construction drivers named as the safest


New data from insurance firm Aviva has revealed construction drivers are rated the safest…

Insurance firm Aviva has rated construction workers as the safest drivers out of a number of professions. The results were compiled from data collected from more than 20,000 drivers, across a variation of occupations.

The app, which is called Drive, uses smart phone technology to record how a motorist drives over a period of 200 miles. A safety rating is then provided, giving the driver marks out of 10.

Construction workers came top, with 68.5 per cent of those using the Drive app scoring between 7.1 and 10. This group was followed by staff nurses at 67.6 per cent and operations managers at 61.8 per cent.

Adam Beckett, propositions director for Aviva says: “The Aviva Drive app is designed to record how safely people drive to produce an individual score for that person.

“There are lots of factors which affect how safely a person drives and we’re not saying that everyone in a certain profession drives in a particular way, but it’s interesting to see that some occupations score particularly well.

“People can be reassured that the app measurement is specific to the driver in question, so the safer drivers will get a higher rating – whatever their occupation.”

The full list is as below, and lists the percentage of people using the Aviva Drive app who scored between 7.1 and 10.

1. Construction Worker  68.5%

2. Staff Nurse 67.6%

3. Operations Manager 61.8%

4. Social Worker 58.3%

5. Soldier 57.6%

6. Local Government Officer 57.4%

7. Support Worker 55.4%

8. IT Manager 54.8%

9. Telecommunications Engineer 54.6%

10. Assistant Teacher 54.5%


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