Construction worker injury at Aberdeen development sees project halted


The fall of a construction worker saw work halted on a multimillion pound Morgan Sindall development in Aberdeen

Work stopped on Friday at the site of Aberdeen’s Marischal Square development following an incident with a construction worker. The work being undertaken is part of a £107m development in the city centre, which is expected to open in the summer.

Construction worker injured

The man suffered serious injuries following a fall on the site. Local reports revealed he sustained a fractured leg and two broken ribs in the incident.

The site was shut down by Morgan Sindall at noon on Friday so workers could be given an impromptu refresher course on health and safety. This was said to be a “routine” shutdown by developer Muse, however it later emerged it was because of the accident.


Morgan Sindall said an investigation was underway into why the incident occurred.

A spokesperson for the contractor said: “There was an accident on Friday which occurred within the Marischal Square site boundary, and resulted in injury to a member of our supply chain.

“We are currently conducting an internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“Ensuring the safety of everyone working on our sites is our number one priority and we routinely hold periodic stand-down days to refresh all site personnel of the health and safety policies and procedures in place to protect them.

“We have taken the decision to stand the site down for the afternoon today for that purpose.”

SNP group leader Stephen Flynn said: “Despite the controversy surrounding the development itself, what’s important here is that a person has been injured.

“It’s the first incident of this type I’ve heard of on the site and it’s a bit disappointing this has only been brought to my attention through the media.

“Nevertheless, I am sorry to hear about this injury and I hope the person is on the mend soon.”


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