CICV Forum issues COVID-19 health and safety warning ahead of winter


Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum has issued a winter warning to the construction industry urging them to follow COVID-19 health and safety measures

In order to protect colleagues, customers and families this winter, the CICV Forum is insisting that the construction industry must keep following rigorous COVID-19 health and safety procedures at all times.

Rebecca Crosland, Chair of the Forum’s Health and Safety group, and Head of Health & Safety at the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), said: “Despite a highly successful vaccination programme, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over.

“With new cases of COVID-19 being reported all the time, what we do now will have a big impact on the transmission of the virus as we move into the winter and New Year.

COVID-19 secure protocols

“With colder weather approaching, people will be increasingly working and spending their downtime indoors, where the risk of infection is much greater. It is therefore vitally important, even if you have been vaccinated, to keep following all the COVID-19 secure controls to protect vulnerable individuals, your work colleagues and yourself.

“This means washing your hands regularly, keeping to the physical distancing rules and using your face covering whenever possible. Remember – just because you don’t have to wear one, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

“It’s also important to get tested regularly, especially if you have developed symptoms, and to ensure you get vaccinated and receive the booster jab when offered.”

‘COVID-19 is still a serious threat and vaccinations can only help so much’

Martyn Raine, Technical and Skills Manager at SNIPEF, added: “The health and safety advice may seem familiar by now, but the core messaging and key points are still relevant and should be followed by all workers in all roles.

“At the root of everything is basic hygiene and the recognition that COVID-19 isn’t giving up, so neither should we.

“We have come so far and worked so hard, so it’s essential that we keep giving this deadly virus the respect it deserves and keep ourselves, our colleagues and our families safe when we’re on and off-site.”

The CICV Forum has produced a number of COVID-safe documents free to download here.


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