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As high-risk working environments, construction sites demand comprehensive health and safety solutions. Access health and safety software puts you firmly in control

Health and Safety is always at the forefront of a business leader’s mind. In construction, it’s vital that your audits are thorough, your policies are regularly updated and instantly accessible

Many business leaders and health and safety professionals we’ve spoken to are more concerned than ever about staff safety. With Covid-19 guidelines, how do you ensure your business is fully prepared for changes in operations?

The Access Group provides a health and safety software-based toolkit, designed to help you easily evaluate your health and safety in line with new guidelines.

The award-winning platform has been developed to work alongside existing company policies to help meet HSE requirements for the construction sector.

The Access health and safety software ensures your risk assessments, audits and inspections are carried out thoroughly, safely and on time – giving reassurance your staff are safe.

Health and safety software designed to:

  • Increase efficiency – If you carry out paper audits, reduce your wasteful admin. Simplify site inspections with pre-populated templates that can be added to or amended. As the information is safely stored in the cloud, it can be accessed at any time – whenever needed.
  • Keep records up-to-date – Improve safety on your shopfloor or site. Ensure you record health and safety risks, accidents and near misses effectively and fast track the escalation process.
  • Improve health and safety – Reduce occurrences of incidents and accidents on site with regular audits that your site staff can quickly and easily access on a mobile device. Regular audits help you adhere to health and safety policies and improve processes where needed.

For business leaders

During the Covid-19 period, we’ve seen an increase in business leaders concerns regarding staff safety.

Directors and safety professionals are concerned with remaining compliant and inefficiencies in training and audit processes.

For site managers

You will need a process and policy to ensure goods and employees coming on to site are treated & recorded appropriately and safety measures are in place.

Likewise there is a duty of care for your suppliers and subcontractors as they move on and off your sites.

Reassure your customers and partners by having tools in place to keep staff and goods safe.

For H&S officers

Regular audits ensure you adhere to health and safety policies and improve processes where needed.

Ensure continuous improvement with reporting and real-time alerts after an incident has been identified.


The compliance toolkit sits alongside a suite of over 100 eLearning-based training titles which enables your health, safety and compliance responsibilities to be managed in one, accessible digital platform.

With various pricing options available, the health and safety software includes:

  • Site audit tool
  • Over 100 health, safety and compliance e-Learning Courses
  • Online Incident Reporting and Management
  • Online Document Storage and Management
  • Full dashboard-based reporting
  • Online Risk Assessment abilities.


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