Costain-Skanska JV introduces new hearing protection policy 


Costain and Skanska’s joint venture (CSjv) is spearheading industry change with a new hearing protection policy across all of its HS2 enabling works construction sites

Working with smart tech company Eave, who’s innovative hearing conservation solution provides real-time noise monitoring on site, CSjv is now mandating this active hearing protection with integrated noise monitoring from 1 September across its HS2 sites.

A new standard

A mandate like this sets a new standard for the construction industry’s approach to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), which is the most commonly reported occupational disease in Europe.

Eave’s active ear defenders use best in class ‘hear-through’ technology, that, unlike passive protection, allow the wearer to continue to hear the environmental sound, vastly improving the safety of workers.

The two were brought together to trial new developments in Eave’s technology as part of the HS2 Innovation programme. It is this combination of active hearing protection and integrated noise monitoring that CSjv is mandating on all its HS2 early works sites to raise standards across the sector.

In 2019 Eave and CSjv won Innovate UK funding from the Department of Transport to trial their hearing conservation solution with HS2. The project reflected HS2’s desire to build a lasting legacy that transforms the industry.

HS2 innovation manager, Rob Cairns, said: “With this mandate now in place we witness a transformation in the construction sector that innovation projects like this were intended to generate.

“It’s exciting to see such a success story that will genuinely impact lives, raise industry standards and ultimately protect the hearing of our workers.”

Sandra Winters, occupational health lead, said: “CSjv aims to support HS2’s mission to eliminate the causes of the top five occupational diseases in construction.

“Our trial with Eave gave measurable results that radically improved our hearing protection measures on site.”

Dr David Greenberg, Eave CEO, added: “It has been a great pleasure to work with CSjv, Innovate UK and HS2 to showcase how innovative smart tech solutions can do so much more than conventional hearing protection to manage noise on site.

“Their support has been fundamental in the development of our products, testing our active ear defenders and noise monitoring equipment. We are now working with all CSjv subcontractors to ensure they are ready for the 1 September deadline, working together to protect the hearing of workers in hazardous noise.”


  1. It’s great to know that this is getting done in the UK. Here in the US, OSHA already made some policies regarding hearing protection in work areas too. Oh, by the way, my company uses custom earplugs from Big Ear. Check them out if you need custom earplugs for your workers.


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