Legally removing hazardous waste from construction sites


When removing hazardous waste from a construction site or premises, a hazardous waste consignment note must be prepared. On 1st April 2016 in England, the Consignment Note and the way it is completed changed. This is to accommodate the removal of the need to register premises where hazardous waste is produced, hence the premises code.

Legal requirement

In England and Wales The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 as amended in 2009 require all hazardous waste transfers to be accompanied by a Consignment Note even when being carried in connection with a mobile service. In Scotland the Special Waste Regulations still apply, and additional regulations were bought in — The Special Waste Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2004 — to bring them into line with the European requirements. Much of the information relating to England and Wales will also apply in Scotland however, there is no registration as a special waste producer. If the waste is being moved within Scotland or from England or Wales to Scotland or Northern Ireland an additional copy of the Consignment Note must be prepared and sent to SEPA for pre-notification at least 72 hours before the waste is moved.

Completing the Consignment Note

The Consignment Note is divided into 5 sections, numbered A to E, with each section being completed in a defined sequence by the different parties to the waste transfer process.  The requirements in Scotland differ from those in England and Wales.

England and Wales

The Consignment Note should provide for at least 3 copies to be made, 1 each for the producer/holder/consignor, the carrier and the consignee. Template Consignment Notes are produced by the EA and NRW and can be downloaded from their websites.

Other suppliers can also provide them and in complying with the requirements of the Regulations the general layout and wording will be very similar. If more than two types of hazardous waste are to be removed and described a Consignment Note continuation sheet (also available from the EA website) will be needed, again with 3 copies.


The ‘Special Waste Consignment Note’ (SWCN) can be purchased online from SEPA (insert hyperlink into SEPA (  )and consists of five different coloured (self-carbonising) pages, 1 each for the producer/holder/consignor, the carrier and the consignee and with a pre-notification copy and a final deposit copy being sent to SEPA. All Consignment Notes must bear a unique code, purchased from SEPA (unless for the second or subsequent removal of waste within a succession of extended carrier’s collection rounds or for the return to the original manufacturer of out of specification materials, – both of which are free). The code consists of two letters and a series of numbers.

For more information on hazardous waste and completing Consignment Notes, consult the CIP Construction Environmental Manual at or call 0870 078 7700 for more information on the Manual and how it can help your business meet its environmental responsibilities.

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