Sevron and BESA partnership to streamline chemical safety


Sevron has officially become the preferred provider of chemical safety and risk assessment software for the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA)

Their flagship product COSHH365 Suite is a chemical safety management software platform and will be made accessible to over 1000 members of BESA. Health and Safety, especially chemical safety, is a growing concern for businesses throughout the UK and the Global market.

Between 2018 and June 2019, it’s estimated around 147 workers were killed due to accidents in the workplace in the UK. In 2017, 2,526 mesothelioma deaths occurred due to past asbestos exposure. According to the Labour Force Survey, 581,000 working people sustaining an injury at work in the last year alone.

These alarming figures are due to businesses having a poor understanding of risk. Failure to complete chemical risk assessments can have a devastating impact on businesses, their employees and even the general public.

Research data concludes a somewhat ‘relaxed attitude to chemical safety’ as being responsible for the continuing negligence in this area, which extends beyond business into the realm of everyday life. For instance, recent figures show an increasing number of children being hospitalised as a result of ‘easy-access’ chemicals (such as bleach) in the home.

Dale Allen, the founder, and owner of Sevron Ltd believes more can be done to keep people safe and that the responsibility is on businesses to ensure their teams are adequately trained in health and safety – including understanding how to create legally compliant risk-assessments.

Dale, who is also the author of the Book on Chemical Safety, said: “Our AI technology is very sophisticated, and through it, we’ve identified a worrying majority of businesses as falling short of the minimum requirements for Health and Safety compliance.”

After losing a close friend to a chemical-related death, Dale made it his personal mission to resolve this problem and educate people on safety and risk. True to his mission, Dale and his team at Sevron developed a range of free resources designed to train teams on all aspects of chemical and risk health and safety.

Sevron’s software platform COSHH365 Suite allows for the quick and easy creation of compliant, easy-to-understand chemical and task-based risk assessments – a necessary but arduous task for safety experts who often spend hours completing them instead of focusing on keeping their workforce safe.

Digital health and safety management software is a growing trend in workplace safety throughout the UK. As risk and hazard regulatory requirements continue to become more stringent, employers are increasingly looking to simplify the process and streamline their Health and Safety tasks.

COSHH365 Suite allows teams to manage and track their chemical safety documents, safeguard their workplace and prevent accidents through the analysis of the platform’s detailed reporting system. This is critical since the law requires employers to update, manage and maintain their safety documents in order to stay compliant.

Sevron was selected to partner with BESA specifically because of its advanced technology coupled with its holistic approach towards Health and Safety.

Mark Oakes, BESA’s head of BESA publications said, “We are delighted to partner with Sevron on COSHH compliance. As the trade body for the building engineering sector, we’re constantly striving to find ways to help our members achieve the highest technical standards, maintain compliance and protect health and safety.”

The partnership between Sevron Ltd and BESA will ensure members of the Association improve their chemical safety management and compliance using the COSHH365 Suite and K.A.V AI technology.


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