ANC launch initiative to put acoustics on the career radar


The Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) has launched a new online initiative designed to attract more students into acoustics

The Association, the professional body representing consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration in the UK, has developed #Explore Acoustics to signpost people to opportunities in the industry.

Featuring video interviews and in-depth case studies with students, graduates, professionals and academics in the industry, #Explore Acoustics has been introduced to address the current shortage of graduates joining the sector.

The campaign forms a cornerstone of ANC’s purpose to highlight the challenging, exciting and rewarding career opportunities available in acoustics, which utilise science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

ANC chair, Dan Saunders, said: “There are few other careers that can offer the financial rewards, opportunities for travel, and such diverse work opportunities than acoustics. Yet few people have even heard of it.

“It’s a great industry to be in and we hope #Explore Acoustics gives an insight into all the many opportunities offered.”

All the information about #Explore Acoustics can be found here.


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