Cardiff and London law firm named top for construction cases


A law firm based in Cardiff and London has been named the best in the UK for handling construction legal cases…

According to a new report conducted by Premonition—a legal analytics firm—a Cardiff and London based law firm tops the chart for handling construction legal cases. The data revealed Hugh James achieved a 67 per cent win rate when representing clients at the Technology and Construction court.

The court, which is a specialised part of the High Court of Justice, takes on primarily construction, engineering, and technology disputes.

Partner and head of construction at Hugh James Ioan Prydderch said: “Helping our clients to avoid or resolve disputes, usually through adjudication, is a major part of our day-to-day work.

“However, if court proceedings are necessary, we want to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible result. The experience we have here enables us to do just that, and this is something that I know our clients appreciate.”

“Being embroiled in court proceedings, whether a claimant or the defendant, is expensive, time consuming and stressful for everyone involved.

“This is very true for construction and engineering disputes where difficult legal and technical issues arise. We understand this and we work very hard with our clients and any wider team to ensure that the journey ends positively.”


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