Construction industry training specialist wins Hanson UK contract


National construction industry training specialist DTL has been awarded a major contract with building material supplier Hanson UK…

Develop Training Limited (DTL) has been awarded a contract to provide electrical training equipment for 1,000 Hanson UK employees.

Hanson UK, which has five training centres in England and Wales, is a leading supplier of heavy building materials such as aggregates and cement.

The contract will see DTL provide electrical equipment training for more than 1,000 Hanson UK employees.

DTL was asked to run training programmes through its partnership with Mentor, who provide training in workplace transport, materials handling, and mobile plant equipment.

Hanson UK employs around 3,500 employees. The contract will enhance safe working practices for staff who repair, maintain, and manage high and low voltage electrical equipment.

The bespoke courses will be conducted at Hanson UK sites, as well as DTL facilities. The programme will run over a 12 month period, offering 19 courses.

This will include entry level training into circuit breakers, electrical re-setting, safe system function testing, light fitting, lamp training and safe isolation.

Workers will also be able to attend more advanced training sessions to gain C&G qualifications, including 17th edition wiring regulations, inspection and testing, explosive atmospheres (hazardous areas), and authorised person high voltage.

DTL will provide Mentor with its electronic training recording system, which automatically delivers recall reminders when refresher courses are required. This will help Mentor to manage Hanson’s training requirements accurately and will allow site managers to monitor the levels of qualifications their staff have.

DTL will also provide an online platform, Profiler Live. This manages assessments electronically with an e-portfolio system that means trainees do not need to keep paper portfolios.


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