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A new platform to deliver digital engineering skills has been launched today (18 May) by Made Smarter and Enginuity

The new ENGAGE platform aims to bring digital engineering skills to Britain’s engineers and manufacturers at a time when they are needed more than ever.

The platform is the first learning hub to specifically target engineering and manufacturing sectors, offering a range of courses from easy first digital engineering steps to more sophisticated technologies and innovation.

Development of ENGAGE has been accelerated to support workers at a time when many may have found themselves furloughed. It will help engineers, technicians and the wider manufacturing employees to learn and explore digital processes.

It is hoped that returning employees will then be up-skilled and more agile as a workforce, and better able to adapt and respond to the pace of global technological innovation to help their companies recover at speed.

The High Value Manufacturing Catapult, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Excellence, Achievement and Learning, Make UK and FutureLearn have all made content available for the platform’s launch. In the coming weeks more content will be added from Formula 1 and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Key technologies covered in the courses include:

  • Data analytics
  • The Industrial Internet of Things
  • Cyber security resilience
  • Industrial and autonomous robotics
  • Additive manufacturing.

Those logging on will also be able to become familiar with virtual augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence and its applications alongside machine learning, and throughout the learning experience, users’ understanding will be supplemented by a quick quiz to test learners’ grasp of the subject.

Digitally equip engineers

Ann Watson, CEO Enginuity Group, said: “ENGAGE is an extraordinary collaborative effort from across the sector which will be of real benefit to thousands of users and UK industry as a whole.

“There is no doubt that engineers will be on the frontline in the battle for economic recovery and this digital initiative will play its part ensuring that as many as possible are equipped to deal with the challenges ahead.

“In order to counter the current crisis, Enginuity and our partners, have worked tirelessly to ensure that the platform was available as soon as possible. The platform will evolve and be enriched as more and more content is made available and uploaded in the coming months.

“As a result of the collaboration, all of the content on the site will be free of charge for three months with Enginuity ensuring that after that date many hundreds of pieces of content will remain freely available to support the economic rebound.”

Juergen Maier from Made Smarter, added: “This platform provides the perfect opportunity for engineers and manufacturers to dip their toe into the water of digital engineering and all the benefits its application can bring for productivity and business efficiencies.

“ENGAGE provides learners at all levels with the materials needed to develop further.

“At this time of national crisis, when businesses will need to return stronger than ever and fighting on all cylinders to make up for lost ground, being able to grasp the digital opportunities has never been more important.

“Made Smarter is particularly delighted to encourage and support new learners on this leading platform which will be so important for an effective bounce back.”


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