Government moves to reassure EU construction workers


The government has made assurances over the future of EU nationals living in the UK following the vote to leave…

The construction sector relies heavily on overseas workers, particularly from the EU, so it is little wonder there is concern over the fate of EU builders currently living and working in the UK.

However, ministers have issued assurances that the rights of EU nationals living in the UK will be protected.

In a statement, the Government said: “When we do leave the EU, we fully expect that the legal status of EU nationals living in the UK, and that of UK nationals in EU member states, will be properly protected.

“The government recognises and values the important contribution made by EU and other non-UK citizens who work, study and live in the UK.”

This means EU nationals who have lived continuously in the UK will have the right to residence permanently and those in the UK for less than five years will have the right to reside in accordance with EU law.

Furthermore, EU nationals will not be required to submit any documentation.

The Government added: “There has been no change to the right of EU nationals to reside in the UK and therefore no change to the circumstances in which someone could be removed from the UK.

“As was the case before the referendum, EU nationals can only be removed from the UK if they are considered to pose a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to the public, if they are not lawfully resident or are abusing their free movement rights.”


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