Morrisroe Group acquires demolition company Cantillon

Cantillon, Morrisroe Group

Brian Morrisroe, owner and CEO of The Morrisroe Group has acquired a majority shareholding in demolition company, Cantillon

This acquisition strengthens the range of construction services that the Morrisroe Group offers to the sector and opens up new opportunities for each of the specialists within the Morrisroe Group.

The group believes greater integration, coordination and collaboration between the specialists within the Morrisroe Group will create value for customers.

Brian Morrisroe, said: “I am delighted that The Morrisroe Group has acquired a majority shareholding in Cantillon, a highly respected market leader in demolition.

“This broadens the scope of services we can provide in-house and builds on our reputation for delivering complex and challenging demolition and substructure work in City Centres.

“The acquisition is a significant addition for us and good news for the market. I believe our clients will benefit from the greater integration of contractor specialisms from the early project planning stages through to execution in the field.

“The Morrisroe Group is now positioned as one of the leading specialists in the sector and I am looking forward to welcoming the Cantillon team and its clients to our group.”

Mike Cantillon, said: Today [20 July] is a landmark moment for the business my parents founded 50 years ago. Joining the Morrisroe Group will strengthen our capability and will open up new and exciting opportunities.

“I am confident that under the Morrisroe Group the legacy of the Cantillon brand will continue well into the future.”

Paul Cluskey, managing director, Cantillon, added: “This deal is great news for Cantillon, our team and our clients. I am delighted and proud to continue to lead Cantillon as MD, now as part of The Morrisroe Group, in what will be an exciting new chapter for the business.

“I believe that the combined service that Cantillon, GSS piling and AJ Morrisroe can offer, with our commitment and professionalism, will be a welcome addition to the market for many”


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