COBie functionality with ProductXchange


COBie functionality – Great news for manufacturers, clients, contractors and designers.

ProductXchange has now a COBie filter functionality! Project Information Managers can set project data requirements while collecting data directly from manufacturers and subcontractors, validating/verifying and exporting it to models, all within the ProductXchange platform tool (incl. delivery of BIM Level 2 data).

To learn more and get started

As for Manufacturers, starting today goBIM allows you to share your data FOR FREE via our 700+ Product Data Templates (PDTs), based on multiple classifications (Uniclass, SFG20, NRM etc.), Construction Products Regulation, IFC and COBie standards.

For those of you already using goBIM don’t forget to get your BIM Data Adopter badges, showing your clients that your business is progressive and working towards product digitisation. You can see a sample badge below this email.



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