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Czech construction

Digital transformation of the Czech construction Industry

The Norwegian construction software provider Cobuilder and the Czech Standardisation Agency have signed an agreement to support digital transformation of the Czech construction industry.
digital language

NCC enters agreement with Cobuilder to introduce standardised digital language

NNC's collaboration with Cobuilder will enable the introduction of a standardised digital language in all projects.
data management strategy

Genuit Group steps up on digital transformation with Cobuilder

Genuit Group implements a centralised data management strategy with the help of Cobuilder as part of its digital transformation.
Construction data

Integrating 360-imaging with structured construction data

A picture says a thousand words, right? Finding an easy way to visualise the construction data that we need can help us make well-informed decisions.

Cobuilder – Construction Software Solutions

Your Data is your Value - Cobuilder provides cutting-edge software solutions in an IT platform for construction data management.
BIM tool

Tata Steel introduces pioneering web-based BIM tool

Tata Steel, one of Europe’s largest steel producers, has introduced a pioneering product data and BIM tool for all of its European construction brand products, to support architects, specifiers, engineers and facility managers
coBuilder and CRB

coBuilder and CRB sign co-operative agreement

coBuilder and CRB have signed an agreement outlining future co-operation, which aims to positively affect the Swiss construction industry
digital supply chains

Digital supply chains in the AECO sector

Worldwide digital supply chains are creating a greater focus on customer satisfaction. Lars Fredenlund, Chief Executive of coBuilder, examines where the construction industry stands
BIM data process

A BIM data case study: Celebrating innovation with Knauf Insulation

Easily accessing BIM data for products is key for any designer. Lars Fredenlund CEO of coBuilder AS describes the approach taken by Knauf Insulation

coBuilder signs agreement for delivery of structured product data for the...

This week, coBuilder signed an agreement with The Federation of Norwegian Construction Industry (BNL) to deliver standard-based product data structures also known as Product...
Investing in the BIM education of experts. Is it worth it?

Investing in the BIM education of experts. Is it worth it?

Investing in the BIM education of experts is an obstacle that the construction industry needs to overcome to start using BIM properly, says Lars Fredenlund
coBuilder Bulgaria

ProductXchange undergoes a spring clean

Information managers can benefit from using ProductXChange, a turnkey solution for delivering accurate asset information. CoBuilder's CEO Nick Tune explains With the penetration of data-driven...
big data bim

Big data BIM: developing innovative solutions for the future

coBuilder outlines the role of big data in BIM and explain why it is not simply about using 3D modelling but about changing how companies approach projects

How to provide product data that clients cannot resist

Here, coBuilder provide a six step action plan to ensure firms provide product data that is useful and efficient for clients

Why the GTIN is important for welcoming manufacturers into the BIM...

Here, coBuilder Marketing explain the importance of the GTIN in manufacturing and how this ties into the digital construction world through BIM
coBuilder enter Nordic region Finland

coBuilder reaffirming a strong foothold in the Nordic region

coBuilder is further strengthening its presence in the Nordic region by entering the construction market in Finland as of January 2017 In order to better...
construction products

coBuilder and the Construction Products Association enter partnership

A new strategic partnership has been agreed between coBuilder and the Construction Products Association to help deliver key data to the UK construction sector
coBuilder Bulgaria

COBie functionality with ProductXchange

COBie functionality - Great news for manufacturers, clients, contractors and designers. ProductXchange has now a COBie filter functionality! Project Information Managers can set project data...
product data templates with the correct data

Product data templates = smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturers recognise the need for product data templates with the correct data.
Lean principles

The top 3 Lean principles in developing BIM software

The top 3 Lean principles in developing BIM software are outlined by coBuilder Marketing.

How does BIM aid sustainability?

BIM and the new dimension of sustainability that it brings are discussed here by Nick Tune, CEO of coBuilder UK

Creating quality BIM data

Peter Foster, Director of Manufacturers and Merchants and Manufacturers, coBuilder UK talks about why we need to produce quality BIM data and how it...

Utilising structured BIM data in offsite construction

Ensuring that you utilise structured BIM data in offsite construction is a vital aspect of BIM as Peter K. Foster Jnr, Director of Manufacturers...

BIM Level 2: The countdown

Nick Tune, CEO of coBuilder UK defines the meaning of BIM Level 2 as we meet the April deadline and justifies the importance of...

The 5 pillars of Product Data Templates

In an interview with Nick Tune, CEO of coBuilder UK, he details the 5 Product Data Templates issues that manufacturers must consider if they...

Skanska and coBuilder enter construction product data partnership

A new agreement will see Skanska and coBuilder enter a strategic partnership to collect and exploit data for construction projects… Construction and development firm Skanska...

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